As the first month of the year drew to a close, I kept seeing numerous Youtubers and bloggers post about their monthly favourites, and I decided to take inspiration from them and write a January favourites post as well, with a personal twist to it. As I do not have many other talents besides binge watching a show in a day or finishing a book in a similar amount of time, my list will consist of my favourite Tv shows, movies and music, watched or listened to this (past) month.

Favourite Tv Shows

  • Sherlock – January marked the airing of the much anticipated fourth season of BBC’s Sherlock. This show, despite the small number of seasons, never fails to amaze. All three episodes were gripping, exciting and intriguing, and for three beautiful weeks, my Sunday nights took me on a rollercoaster of emotions that inevitably ended on a cliffhanger.
  • A Series of Unfortunate Events – Yet another captivating series beautifully delivered by Netflix. Watching this is definitely one of the best things I have done this month. The acting is amazing, the characters are captivating, and the filming is very well done. On top of all this, the show has one of the best intros I have ever seen.
  • Yuri on Ice!  – This is the first yaoi that I have seen (there might be more like this, I just haven’t stumbled across them yet) that is not centered around a gay relationship. The anime focuses instead on hard work, determination and figure ice skating. The romance is never forced on us, it is simply presented as a result of two guys working together towards a common goal, falling in love after getting to know each other this way. It’s sweet and beautiful – the ice skating is mesmerising and the characters are adorable. It also gets extra points for a very catchy intro song – it’s become one of my favourites.

Favourite Movies

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – What a comeback for the Harry Potter fandom! I have to admit, I walked into the cinema rather sceptical about it, and did not expectation much from it. By the end, however, I was in love. The movie offers new insight into the magical world we all love, showing us the American magical community of the 1920s, and giving us a closer look at the numerous magical creatures that we have only managed to glimpse before. And all this is narrated by the sweetest Hufflepuff – it was about time that they got more recognition, and a chance to show everyone how badass and amazing they are.
  • Assassin’s Creed – Another movie that I was sceptical about before actually seeing. I am a big fan of the video games, and I was worried about the way the production team was going to approach adapting it into a movie due to fans’ supposed  expectations. I was very impressed with it, however. The game series focuses mostly on Desmond Miles’ experience in the Animus. The movie focuses more on the Abstergo Industires, and expands the mythology of the game by featuring a new story (a great way not to get the fans upset, in my opinion). It’s a great action movie, and I was very impressed with the way it was filmed.
  • Sing – By far the most hilarious movie I have seen this year (even though it has just started). It’s incredibly adorable (who doesn’t love animated, singing animals?) and genuinely feel-good, with a huge number of recognisable songs that you will definitely sing along to (I know I did, and everyone in the row behind me hated me for it).

Favourite Music

  • LP – I will forever be thankful to Orange is the New Black for introducing me to the amazing voice of LP. I have become a super obsessed fan – I know all her songs off by heart. Which is why I was so happy when I saw that she released two new music videos last week. Although these are for pre-existing songs, it gave me an excuse to spend the whole evening listening to her albums.
  • Nothing but Thieves – This weekend, Summer Well (a music festival that takes place every August in Romania) released the names of the first four artists that will perform at the festival, and I was thrilled to see that Nothing but Thieves was among them. Although I don’t listen to their songs as often as I did when I first stumbled upon them, I am always left in awe whenever I do. They are a one-of-a-kind band with a very unique style. I cannot wait to see them live this summer!
  • 50 Shades Darker soundtrack –  Where the movies lack, the soundtracks make up for it. Two years ago, the 50 Shades of Gray soundtrack went beyond my expectations (yes, I didn’t expect much from the movie. Can you blame me though?) Therefore, I was buzzing with anticipation for the music they were going to use in the second movie of the series. You just have to look at the artists that feature on it to know this is a soundtrack that you will be listening to on repeat – Halsey, John Legend, Sia, Kygo, Tove Lo and Taylor Swift are but a few of the talented voices that make this sountrack amazing.

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