The first month of spring has come and gone way too fast, I hope no-one blinked and missed it. March was great, even if it felt so short, and there are many things that I really loved and now I’m excited to share with you!

Favourite Movies

  • Beauty and the Beast – I have been waiting for this movie for months, and now it is finally out! Naturally, I went and saw it multiple times, and it has slowly taken over my life/ my Tumblr account. It is, without a doubt, one of the best movies of 2017 and best Disney live-action adaptation. The acting is amazing (and how could it not be, when it stars Emma Watson, Dan Stevens, Luke Evans, Sir Ian McKellen and Emma Thompson), the cinematography is flawless and the soundtrack will stay with you forever – it includes all the favourites from the old soundtrack and blesses us with two original songs (and who hasn’t been listening to “Evermore” non-stop since it came out? That song is my personal favourite). It left me in tears; if you haven’t seen it – what are you waiting for?
  • By The Sea – I am a big fan of Angelina Jolie, and I was really excited when I heard about a movie written and co-directed by her. It sadly did not live up to my expectations. The story drags on for longer than it should – the movie could be cut by half and it would be much more captivating; the beginning and end are all you need to watch to make sense of the plot, the middle is just filler. The pace is really slow, and while there is intrigue, it takes too long for it to be explained, which does eventually become boring. The characters have so much potential, but they don’t get explored as much as they should. It’s got amazing cinematography, which does save it slightly, and the acting is brilliant (hence why it is on this list), so at least you can be distracted by Angelina Jolie looking amazing.

Favourite TV Shows

  • Shadowhunters – It’s been a long time coming for me to finally feature this amazing show on my monthly favourites. It has amazing characters and showcases so much diversity. You also have all your fantasy favourites – vampires, warlocks, werewolves and angels (well, technically, half-angels). It’s based off Cassandra Clare’s book series The Mortal Instruments, but I feel like the TV show adds so much more to them. It also manages to strike the right balance between awesome fight scenes and touching moments (which will bring you to tears, I guarantee it). After you fall in love with the characters, I also recommend looking up the cast and falling in love with them too, because the producers chose such amazing actors to star in this show, giving us all yet another reason to love it.
  • New Girl – All the shows I have been watching lately (I’ve had quite a few to catch up with) have been making me very emotional and sad, and I was in dire need for something uplifting and happy. This show has delivered just that. The characters are so easy to fall in love with, the episodes are short, so you can  watch them even if you don’t have a full hour to do so, and there are so many celebrity appearances! It also has a really catchy theme song that you will not be able to stop humming.
  • iZombie – Had you asked me what I thought of this show while watching the first season, I would have told you it’s a great and feel-good, with a quirky human – zombie duo who help the local police solve murders. Now, as I am patiently waiting for season 3, I can tell you that the show is way better than that.  While you may come for the unique twist on the classic zombies – taking on the personality of the brain they have consumed – is part of what makes the show so great, it is the characters themselves, which are so lovable,  that you stay.

Favourite Music

  • Glass Animals – I know I go on and on in these posts about Summer Well Festival, but it is a really good excuse to keep listening to the same band for as long as possible before someone around me gets annoyed, and they are bringing really good bands this year. Glass Animals are a band that I have been listening to  for a while now, mostly while working, but thanks to the festival I have now seriously started paying attention to their music, and it’s very different from what I normally listen to, so it’s very refreshing.
  • Beauty and The Beast soundtrack – I have been obsessed with this soundtrack for the last few weeks. I know all the words, I know the instrumentals, I can act out each song just like in the movie. It’s become the soundtrack that can brighten my mood, however low I’m feeling, and it’s personally so rare for me to find something like this, that I have just let it steal into my melancholy heart.

Favourite Reads

  • Jazz by Toni Morrison – This book is so clever in so many ways. It makes you think it’s gonna be all about the 1920s, its music and the issue of race, and while it is precisely about those things, it’s not in the way you could ever have imagined. The music is the text, and the issue of what it meant to be a coloured person in the “roaring 20s” is told through a narrative that is as changing as the music depicted by the title. Each character takes a turn to tell their part of the story, being sometimes interrupted by an ominiscient narrator, leaving you with a feeling of distrust towards the authenticity of what is being said. It’s very innovative and compelling, and the anticipation of the next character in charge of narrating creates a suspense that is unexpected from a book such as this.
  • The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien – This is a collection of short stories about the Vietnam war. But unlike any other book about the war, O’Brien’s manages to stand out through the commentary about storytelling and writing, being very self-aware of its fictionality, but at the same time of its truth. My favourite quote is “I want you to know why story-truth is truer sometimes than happening-truth”. He also writes that “In many cases a true war story cannot be believed”, and this quote perfectly summarises the whole book; I was never sure what I believed while reading it, if the stories were real or not, but they brought out the reality of the war and how it must have felt to be part of it, which is precisely O’Brien’s point. It’s a great read that messes with your head and makes you think.



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