With the 25th of December looming closer and closer, panic can start to arise about the perfect gifts to give to loved ones. And while trying to find a gift for a bookworm can appear pretty easy at first (they just want books, don’t they?), it may seem less so if you are trying to “think out of the box” and surprise them with a more something more unique and thoughtful. Do not fear, for this year I have taken it upon myself to provide some inspiration (I’m hoping this will allow me to apply for the position of Santa’s helper next year).

1. Book Purse

Not forgetting my manners, I begin with ladies first.

Every girl, at one point or another, has complained about her clothes not having enough pockets, resulting in the need to carry around bags and purses of various sizes – I have personally always looked for bags that can fit my books, otherwise, what is the point of them?

And while having your purse-gift fulfill this criteria is worthy of all my admiration, why not step out of the comfort of a store-brought bag and get one that your bookish lady will love even more? What about getting her a book that is the bag?

You need not look farther than Bookarelli on Etsy – Jo makes the most amazing bags from your favourite book covers. There is a wide selection to pick from, or you could get in contact with her and request a custom order. It’s no secret that Etsy is a golden mine when it comes to amazing, unique gifts; add handmade to the list and the recipient is bound to love it.

2. Candles

What are a bookworm’s go-tos when preparing to settle down for a reading session? Comfy seating, cozy blankets, a cup of tea – and candles. They rarely get left out of the list of essentials; not only do they help fill the room with amazing smells, but they can also affect the mood. You wouldn’t channel the badassness of Katniss Everdeen if you were reading something like Edgar Allan Poe.

Candle scents named after characters are amazing for helping channel that character’s attitude, without risking another reading marathon (because you were looking for that one quote that perfectly captures their personality), helping you get through any school reading, by reminding you about your favourite books, as well as doing what candles do best, and making your space feel comforting.

I have been obsessed with such candles since I discovered TheFrangranceLibrary – on Etsy, you guessed it! Their Harry Potter collection is to die for – and their most extensive. They have been branching out however, and there are several fandoms to choose from now.

3. Clothes

Do you have a more safe, fail-proof approach when it comes to gifts? Then you will probably be familiar with this one. But because advising you to buy a fandom t-shirt is too vague and not at all helpful, there are a few, more specific ideas that might do the trick!

I think that scarves are underrated and underappreciated when it comes to being gifted. Gifting scarves allows for various ways to be creative: you can get one with books or book covers, or with the person’s favourite book quotes. In either case, it is not constraining to one fandom, which means that you can’t go wrong if you don’t quite know what they’re into.

A gift that we all hate as children, but ends up becoming one of our favourites as adults is socks! Socks are essential to bringing that cozy feeling during reading sessions, which is what makes them a great gift for book enthusiast. And there are many styles to choose from, making it a fun experience when buying them, too – they can be fandom themed, or have quotes on them, or simply call someone out for being a book nerd. I love the ones that have “shh, I’m reading” on their soles. However, I have to confess that my all time favourite socks (even more than the ones with unicorns, yes!) are art ones – with various famous works of art and artists.

4. Literary inspired makeup

I have a slightly complicated relationship with makeup – my oily skin type, as well as having hooded eyes, can make it hard sometimes for me to wear too much makeup or recreate looks that I have seen online. However, I do love it (it’s just unfortunate that I can’t use it to its full potential), and lately I have been even more in love with it, because it now appeals to my inner fangirl and bookworm, too.

I have been loving Storybook Cosmetics since their beginning – they started off with a Harry Potter eyeshadow palette, in the shape of a book titled “Wizardry and Witchcraft”, and have continued to expand their amazing makeup collection ever since. They now have several eyeshadow palettes from various fandoms, liquid lipsticks, and amazing brushes (the rose-shaped ones inspired by Beauty and the Beast are my favourite). They make for some amazing gifts!

5. Jewellery

Finishing off with another simple, flexible idea. Jewellery can come in many shapes and sizes – there are earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings – and many ways to personalise them, but there are a few ideas that I love.

I don’t wear earrings often, but if I had tiny versions of my favourite books as earrings, I would wear them all the time! This can be used for necklaces as well – I cannot imagine any bookworm not loving the opportunity to wear their favourite book around their neck all the time. You can take a more general approach if you don’t happen to know what books they love, and simply go for a plain book cover instead, or a book stack. This can also work for guys, too – book cufflinks, anyone? A great way to make a suit stand out!

You know what really grinds my gears, even during the festive season? People who use your and you’re wrong. Sometimes I wish I had a pair of those cute word earrings with these two words – it would make correcting people so much easier. If you have a grammar nazi you need to buy gifts for, get them some of those. But they are not limited to words which are often used wrong, nor only to earrings – I have seen lovely rings with the names of famous couples, which can be an amazing gift for your significant other (you each get one half of your favourite OTP) or best friends (because sharing OTP rings is much more awesome than sharing “best friend”).




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